Sunday, May 14, 2006

"Fundamental" Human Rights

I haven't managed to visit Norm's place for a bit which means it stacks up in my Bloglines, but the first thing I do read when I finally click on Normblog is this: an argument so clearly put and so badly needed in the sort of conversations I seem to get involved in recently, that you can only but give thanks and refer people on.


Jax said...

link doesn't work.

Carlotta said...

Oooo...Norm just changed the title. Have caught up with him. Thanks Jax.

Jax said...


pesky permalinks ;)

Anonymous said...

Very good to see some one make the distinction, although I suppose as human rights have only recently been incoporated into British law, there's likely to be misunderstanding.

Whilst there is 'no such thing as human rights', the concept of them as a reminder of the relative freedom an individual should enjoy (such as freedom from abuse/torture) is surely a good thing. An ideal or benchmark to help governments avoid abuse of citizens is definitely useful.