Monday, April 02, 2007

The Evolved Homeschooler

Chris appears to have been hard at work, producing a wiki for Evolved Homeschoolers.

"The idea is that rational homeschoolers are welcome to create their own page on the wiki and maintain a set of links or a collection of articles that represent their personal "best of." The criteria for eligibility is simple. You must believe that evolution is the best explanation we have today to explain how life has progressed on planet Earth. If evolution is compatible with your religion (or lack thereof) feel free to create your page here. "

Worth making the point that there are a lot of us about.


Rachel Reed said...

This is interesting. I assume that this has grown out of the USA because of the large amount of Christians who also Home School and appear to isolate non-believers?

COD said...

You are giving me way to much credit Rachel :) I made a joke at about us rational homeschoolers needing our own support group, and a couple of nights later threw the wiki together.

Rachel Reed said...

Ahh I see. I was just interested. It's been my experience that anyone using evolution as a label in this way, usually has an axe to grind about creationists.

Not saying which school of thought I belong to ;0)

Anonymous said...

I was listening to a radio 4 programme the other day that claimed that Darwin didn't see a conflict between religion and evolutionary theory anyway.

He had planned to be in the church as a minister himself at one point.
However, as I missed the last part of the programme they could have gone on to narrate an evolution in his own thoughts! I don't suppose anyone knows?


Anonymous said...

When I read the title I thought it was about evolved homeschooling as "next gen".

Carlotta said...

Hi D,

Yep, I think this could be right. In fact, if I have understood this correctly, some people on COD's list would describe themselves as Christians.