Sunday, April 01, 2007

School Turned into a Homeschool Resource Centre

I don't think this is all about the date, though it does seem almost too good to believe. Anyway, courtesy of Key Words, we hear that:

"In a stunning decision that has caused an uproar throughout New Hampshire, the township of Beale NH has abolished its lone public school and will convert the building into a homeschool resource center."

The reason? The local school was failing dismally, and

"We had a list of different types of education and their success rates in terms of testing, subsequent college attendence and graduation, employment, entrepreneurship and civic involvement. Homeschooling topped everything and it was less expensive than pretty much anything else out there too! Add to the mixture the fact that so many parents were already pulling their children out of school and it just seemed like a perfect fit."

UPDATE: Yep, it was all about the date!


Gill said...

Hurray! That's the best news I've seen all day. now let's hope it spreads, like ripples on a pond.. ;-) Thanks Carlotta xx

Raquel said...

ahhh I wish!

33, 452 said...

Is this for real?

Carlotta said...

You are right to wonder it seems. It was all about the date!

Gill said...


Might have known. But, you know, I thought in America there might be a chance it was true.

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, I do feel kind of guilty for doing that one and I really DO wish it were true!

Carlotta said...

Tee hee. You know I did guess, (not least because I couldn't find any corroborative evidence) but the thing is, it was such an interesting thought experiment, that I wanted to put it in anyhow.

If one could believe it, if only for a nano-second, it seems to me that one could believe it for real, so thanks for it, Daniel!