Sunday, April 01, 2007

Midlands Campaign Workshop

Well that was extremely satisfactory. An enormous thank you should go out to Fiona Nicholson and Annette Taberner for providing very convincing arguments and a bucket load of inspiration at the Bromsgrove Campaign Workshop.

Galvanised by it all, home educators from Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Birmingham and Warwickshire have agreed to set up a regional organisation to liaise with Local Authorities on matters to do with home education.

Thanks are also due to Iris and Geoff Harrison for their stories about working on the Education Otherwise Telephone Helpline. The stories of school bullying make for very distressing evidence, the consolation being that many of these children have escaped appalling situations when their parents decided to withdraw their children from school.

Thanks too to the organiser. Save me some cake. I didn't manage to get any.


Julie said...

I had the candles too-to sing Happy Birthday to you!
But somehow the time and the day ran away with me.
Hope you had a great time anyway once you got home with your lovely family.

Carlotta said...

Thank you so much, J. The whole thing was so well done.

Had lovely party when got home, but do rather feel like going to bed now!

Anonymous said...

errr what is this thing about a BIRTHDAY? did you tell me and was i too busy talking at you to listen ? love, fiona

Carlotta said...

lol...that was not how I saw it at all! Or if so, please do more of it! So much useful information - thanks. The Glos list (usually slow) are already picking it up.