Wednesday, April 18, 2007

No Privacy?

The news that the European Court of Human Rights has awarded an employee £6000 as a result of her employers reading her private e-mails, well let's hope that this puts a stop on LAs monitoring HE lists. This sort of surveillance of HEors is known to have happened in the past, but if anyone has further evidence of this practice, do let us know.


Anonymous said...

HE lists are not private emails. They are public discussion groups.

Anonymous said...

HE lists are public discussion groups-for families who home educate or who are interested in home educating their children. The Home Page usually makes that clear. Some specifically exclude LA employees for example HE-UK which says;
"The following persons are not eligible for membership (the following list is not exhaustive):
Employees of local authority education departments
Employees of Social Services

or anyone else not a parent of a child who is or is
considering home education."

This makes it clear IMHO that the mails are NOT meant to be read by others.
I have changed the home page of the HE list that I run so that it also says this.

Anonymous said...

Is there any legal support for that, though? Can you be selective of what class of people or profession joins an online group?

Anonymous said...

Big brother is watching you...