Monday, April 16, 2007

Worcestershire Home Educators Website

How did I miss this, the Worcestershire Home Educators Webpage, which can be accessed via the Worcestershire LA Family Services Directory, here.

Wow, Julie, I just can't keep up! Looking good.


Anonymous said...

Well that woke me up this morning! I didn't expect to see that here ;o)
I have no idea how you missed it, I have been posting about ++ it for a while on the local list.
I had been thinking about it for a while and then I found that we could have an entry in if we had a website, so that spurred me on to get on with it.

Carlotta said...

I saw your story about the LA website inclusion, but missed the actual HE web addy or couldn't link to it or something, I wish I could remember exactly what the problem was...

Finally found it through other means. Looking great!

Carlotta said...

It is gradually coming back to me as I have just done it again! I remember searching in keyword on the LA site for Home Education and it not coming up. Found it just now, by going through the site map but it did take some looking from the front page of the LA site.

I think they need a better keyword facility, ideally!

Also, my other problem atm, for some reason cannot read Worcester yahoo group files. Something wrong at my end, and can't work out what!