Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Helpless No More

As a matter of principle, one could sympathise with teachers' complaints about cyber-bullying, but there is a big difference between meaningless ad hominems or wild exaggeration, and honest criticism, and on the basis that founder Michael Hussey says of the RateMyTeachers website that it

"allows pupils to rate their teachers' ability and to add a comment - but it does not allow references to teachers' personal lives or appearance, or to use sexual language or name calling...
RateMyTeachers has rules - we read everything before we put it on the website, no name calling, no bullying, certainly no threats... "

I think we should certainly give it a plug.

Children have been the hapless victims of a state monopoly in education for over a century now. About time they started to have a voice. If the only way they can do this is by using honest criticism to drive bad teachers out of the system, so be it.

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Ron R said...

When I was an instructor, some of my students altered a digital photo of me and used it in a presentation to the whole department (without warning me they were doing it). I took it as a compliment. I was the instructor that they felt would laugh with them rather than dole out retribution.