Monday, October 05, 2009

Can't Resist

I do my best not to link to overtly satirical pieces, given that the DCSF uses this as a reason to refuse to answer our FOI requests and therefore temporarily preventing us from checking out the statistics that underpinned the Review, but my resolve has dwindled over the past weeks with the emergence of yet more and more stuff of absurdly high quality.

This one has finally broken any last remnants of self-control. I hope it can be appreciated for the genuine messages as well as the wit, in the recognition that a government should welcome criticism as Churchill gathered critics as his aides.

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Maire said...

Isn't it hilarious but so clear on the faults of the review. I think the evidence isn't there as the composer says, that's why the DCSF do not release it, they would have had to find another excuse if it weren't for the satire. I wonder what it would have been?