Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One in Three Children Unhappy Most of the Time

Have just separately run the gist of this article by the two home educated young people here and have received a rather astonished stare on both occasions.

When I asked if they felt happy/unhappy most of the time, they looked at me as if I needed my head sorted..."sure...HAPPY."

How different is that from my own miserable (schooled) teen years!


Schuyler said...

I had two home-ed children look at my with confusion. One said it's a lie, it has to be a lie. The other said WTF? I remember being unhappy. Really unhappy. I am so glad that Simon and Linnaea, my two, don't feel that way.

Barry said...

And very heartwarming that they should just look at you like you're a bit nuts for even asking. You're doing something right! :o)