Saturday, October 03, 2009

Schools given permission to opt out of Early Years Curriculum

I'm no fan of Steiner Education but this is great news nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

Amazingly, The Times does not know the difference between a right and a good. Rights come from our nature as human beings, not from the government.

That means that education is not a right, but you do have a right to be alive and to be free.

There is no such thing as a 'right to healthcare'; healthcare is a good, as is food, clothing and heat.

No one would argue that anyone has a right to those three things, and yet you cannot live without them. It really is about time that The Times (and everyone else) stopped misusing the word 'right' in these contexts.

The Stiener schools have, "gained the choice to opt out of the curriculum". And that is the entire fact.

Firebird said...

It's unfortunate that only schools, and ones who are willing to really fight the issue, are going to be able to opt out in practice. The vast majority of children in nurseries, pre-schools and private childcare are still going to suffer.

Someone needs to make sure the Conservatives add scrapping EYFS to that education bill they're working on.