Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What Home Educators Will Do Next

Blogdial outlines what home educators are likely to do next, should the government's recommendations in response to the Badman review be implemented:

"If you can get all the people in your group to agree to obey only common sense, and do disobey any order or directive that violates your rights, then essentially, there is nothing that anyone can do about it. Common sense and order will prevail and insanity and disorder will cease to exist.

This is what the hunting crowd have discovered; they keep hunting and nothing has stopped them. It is directly analogous to Neo’s not running anymore, turning around and saying very calmly ‘No’.

It is directly analogous to THX and SEN being shown by SRT that in fact, there are no barriers to escape, and if you try to escape, nothing will stop you.

Finally, there is no need for violence from you. Power is an illusion. If enough people say no, there is nothing that can stop them, in fact, bullets cannot kill what energises them because bullets cannot kill ideas."

Bullets will not kill the realisation that Nu Labour, by the implementation of their version of the Badman recommendations, will be appropriating the role of parent. They will be responsible for the education of the nation's children, for setting the ambitions of every family and for ensuring the welfare of children. Given that such an appropriation infringes all good sense, all common decency, every natural and useful instinct in parents, civil disobedience is very likely to be the only way to go.


Firebird said...

I'm starting now :-) My LA think they're going to be getting some sort of report from me in the next couple of weeks. Instead they will be getting a letter explaining just why they can **** off.

Anonymous said...

we told them to f off years ago no reports no meeting no home visits nothing and there never will be! not heard a thing from them in almost 3 years! you just have to be strong and tell them to f off there then will move on to some one weaker!

Anonymous said...

To: penny.jones@dcsf.gsi.gov.uk
Subject: Monitoring

To Penny

Be no monitoring here NO home visits no meeting nothing what you going to do about that? We be taking NO notice of uncle Badman rubbish report the man is a fool! I'm not scared of Uncle Badman and will never comply with his crazy ideas! What are you going to do about that then? I dare you to do something? School attendance order? I'm sooooooooooo scared!


Master Peter A Williams

A Home Educated Child

Raquel said...

We have stated we will not comply. Any law that says your home can be invaded by the state is an arse!

Barry said...

If Balls and the DCSF won't listen, and can't be made to listen by other MPs or through political channels, then what other choice do people have against marauderers trying to enter their home?