Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's already bad enough as it is

There are those who think that the Badman report won't make autonomous education impossible. Given that in many LAs, for example Southend, autonomous education is already compromised, in that the LA's requirements for a suitable education already restrict the individual's freedom to choose, and this when the current EHE guidelines explicitly allow for different approaches to educational provision, it seems highly unlikely that autonomous education will be a possibility post-Badman, and after the proposed consultation on the nature of a suitable education in most if not all LAs.


Anonymous said...

The old "You don't HAVE to follow the National Curriculum but you have to follow the National Curriculum" stunt.
Even the EWO who used to visit us had a tick box list that was basically NC. We would simply find ways to put what we were actually doing into NC terms. Usually he had extra notes of loads of extra stuff that no tick box covered.
I am surprised that anyone following what is actually happening here thinks AE isn't being directly threatened.

elizabeth said...

Of course AE is directly threatened.

But in the course of the battle AE parents have had to come out of the woodwork (in the words of BAdman himself), this is making people think. We're even explaining it to our MPs. Who'd have bothered sharing it with them before now.

Indeed those who wish to control education will fight back harder, but humans want to be free, we can't learn and live properly if we aren't. There will be many who will see that what we do is necessary. Some will join us some will support us.

No matter what they do we will find ways around it, lets hope we don#t need those planned escape routes.

Carlotta said...

Seems from latest reports that Michael Gove agrees with us too. He may need more information about the success of other models of education eg: how well autonomous ed works but only when not tried in schools, but he already sees the problems of the Badman review with regards to civil liberties and the constitution as a whole, which is great to know.