Sunday, October 18, 2009

If You're Still looking for a Reason find a mo to fill in the consultation before tomorrow (Monday 19th) at 23.45 hours, you might like to try to imagine what it will be like to have to put up with the minutiae of your parenting being scrutinized by someone who doesn't know you from Adam. Or you could read this.

Then after that, you can read about Alex Dowty's experiences of being home educated without the heavy hand of the state here.

My response number: 3419.


Baz said...

3419!? Wow, that 'vociferous minority' is growing fast.

emma said...

I don't know why we are keeping running totals of the consultation responses. We should just ask Graham how many there'll be by the end of today. He, after all, can count us.

Carlotta said...

Yep, we'll have to do that too!