Thursday, October 22, 2009

What Peterborough LA wrote response to the consultation.

This is the first response we've seen from a LA. Predictably terrible.


Merry said...

A pretty depressing response from my home town although i do know that the LA man who had done HE for 4 yrs was made redundant in early July and hadn't done this when i saw him at the end of June. So i suspect this is a response from a hands off person- and if it was done by one of the two women who used to do visits but got promoted, it is a depressingly predictable response.

No chance that kids might feel pressured by being interviewed by people they don't know, i suppose. Tch.

That LA man also told me, when we discussed it extensively, far more than he should have about anyone with "concerns" for them in Pboro - and there was nothing dreadful.

Fiona T said...

Grooooaaaannn.Its like we're from another planet our thinking to these bureaucrats is sooooo different.

Elizabeth said...

Too scary!!!