Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Badman Review's Responses - An Overview

Just how responsive are these consultation processes? Well, actually we never had any doubt about the ridiculousness of the process, but it seems worth pointing this out all over again.

In reply to this Freedom of Information request, we received this. (Downloadable version available here.)

Right, so despite the fact that 80% of respondees, including some LAs, think that the system for safeguarding home educated children is adequate, and despite the fact that 95% believe that home educated children are able to stay safe and 64% said there should be no changes to the system of monitoring home educated families, we still get the DCSF ploughing on regardless.


Anonymous said...

If you follow the link from the original FOI request you'll get the information in a word document that is far more readable than that given in the HTML version (the second link).

Anonymous said...

Tell me you are not honestly surprised?