Thursday, November 05, 2009

Select Committee Submissions Available Online

here with commentary from Pete here.

Dr Paula Rothermel's submission makes very interesting reading and Tech's submission is also revelatory.

We have just had news that not all the submissions from home educators are included in the link above. Some problem with the formatting apparently. As yet, we don't know whether these submissions were even seen by the committee. If your submission is not included in the link above, do let the lists know or post in comments here.

FURTHER UPDATE: Jem has blogged a list of some of the most significant issues raised in the submissions here.

Meanwhile, we will need to chase up the answer to Lord Lucas's question here, since the Baroness's answer is, at first glance, inadequate.


Anonymous said...

This makes shocking reading. Whilst not wishing to slur Badman's character, it seems obvious that his gross and wilful misunderstanding of rational comments and rigorous studies marks him as mentally ill in some way.

I wonder why the government wish to associate themselves with some one who, perhaps through no fault of his own, seems so incapable of clarity and logic. He appears to be unable to see anything other than that which he wishes to see.


Anonymous said...

Go Paula! Great response from her. Obviously intensley irritated by having her rigorous research so misunderstood.
Munchhausen's by Proxy? that seems such an unusual and unlikely problem to be so concerned about in either schooled or home ed population.
sarah f