Monday, November 02, 2009

Lord Lucas is Putting out a Call

If you do happen to speak to Ofsted in your role as a home educating parent, could you let Lord Lucas know. Details here.

Lord Lucas says of the Ofsted inspections:

"I am not happy though with the secrecy with which Ofsted is surrounding its investigation - which LAs, which parents will be talked to, etc. I have put down some questions to see if I can open them up. Nor am I confident that Ofsted understands home education - but talking to more HE parents and children should help."


Elizabeth said...

Does it not worry you a bit-that Lord Lucas still thinks registration and inspections will be the way to go? Per his comments on his blog.

Carlotta said...

I do not see the merit in a "simple" registration scheme tbh. Registration would serve no purpose at all unless a family were inspected to the hilt.

I thought it instructive that the man on the recent Panorama who had had his children removed from him after his partner left and he started drinking said something along the lines of "it is very easy to fool the SS. They only come every 4 weeks. You know when they are coming, you would have to be an idiot not to just tick their boxes." How then are these untrained staff visiting so intermittently ever possibly going to know what is really going on in a family?

Whole exercise is a pointless waste of time which will just make LAs all the more vulnerable to red top accusations.

Same gentleman was also revealing in that he said that he felt very arbitarily picked on. He felt that his parenting was no worse than almost everyone else on the estate where he lived, and yet he had lost his four children. Scary, scary stuff.

Anonymous said...

yes what is lord Lucas up 2? why is he so keen on home educators?

Carlotta said...

I think his drive to help stems from his libertarian outlook. I have understood his position to be that he believes that the state is over-stepping its remit in appropriating parental responsibilities. He is therefore a natural ally.

Anonymous said...

Im not so sure about Lord Lucas being a natural ally? he wants registration and all that will go with it! none of those M.P's or Lords do anything unless it is in they interest to do so. I have not seen a statement from Lord Lucas saying lets leave everything as it is? I do not trust him! he may already know what is really going on he speaks to others lords and M.Ps i bet he know what the end game is for home educators?