Monday, November 23, 2009

Children, Schools and Families Bill, Section 19G

19G Appeal against authority’s decision

(1) Regulations made under this section shall—

(a) confer a right of appeal on a parent to whom a local authority in England have given notice under section 19B(5)(b) or (c) or 19F(3), and

(b) make provision in respect of appeals brought in exercise of that right.

(2) The regulations may, in particular make provision—

(a) about the period within which a right of appeal may be exercised;

(b) for the extension of the registration period provided for in section 19D in a case where a right of appeal has been exercised;

(c) about the person or body to whom an appeal lies and the powers of that person or body;

(d) for the payment of an allowance or the making of other payments to that person or to members of that body;

(e) about the matters to which regard is to be had in considering an appeal;

(f) as to the procedure on appeals.

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