Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Queen's Speech Today

I'll be working at the precise time that we hear the news of what's in store for home educators when the Queen gives the first airing for the Children, Schools and Families Bill. Probably a good thing as I would otherwise, in all likelihood, have broken something.

Speech should be available here.

Meanwhile Tories are looking to thwart all that ridiculous electioneering (aka the Queen's Speech) but we must ensure that they focus on the right areas to thwart.

UPDATE: We will be registered and inspected. Check the Children, Schools and Families bill here,
here, and here and on the Number 10 Website, (HT Anon below), "to add insult to injury" we are included under safeguarding the vulnerable!


Anonymous said...

I know we're all busy on home ed, but has anyone else seen this? "Health and safety snoops to enter family homes"
I thought it must surely be an April Fool! It can't really be true?!?!

Carlotta said... perhaps the general public will understand how us HEOrs are feeling.

In some ways, thanks for that Anon. In other ways, cripes...I didn't think my blood pressure could go any higher, but I suspect you have just managed it. Health and safety initiatives will probably be the death of me.

Anonymous said...

they not coming into our house!

Anonymous said...

Amazingly enough I had been about to phone the council for their free service e.g. they send health and safety folk and they'll fit stair gates etc if you want them at a knock down price, but now, there is NO WAY I'll consider it! If I don't agree with a recommendation I imagine I'll be on some at risk register ready for enforced visits!! This nanny state is stark raving mad

Their attitude is actually adding to problems.

Anonymous said...

no mention of home education in queens speach? i watched it but queen never said anything about home education?

Anonymous said...

The text of the speech is

No mention of home education but:

1) Maybe it's regarded as small detail, part of education standards or something else in the speech;

2) perhaps, as pointed out on this blog and elsewhere, it'll be slipped in via other mechanisms.

3) Maybe - just maybe, but I don't dare to hope - it's been ditched to save time; they have to minimise hassle.

My own MP - a Labour whip - was doubtful about the whole thing a few weeks ago. His thoughts were also "clarified" when I explained how, as a soon-to-be ex Labour active supporter I would crucify him in public about education widely, not just HE, if this goes through.

My bet is on #2; I hope I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

It turns out that it's in the CSF Bill under the heading of "Safeguarding the vulnerable" - just to add insult to injury - on the Number 10 website here

Anonymous said...

how dare they suggest our children are vulnerable. it may not get passed? what the time scale on all of this? councils are slow? that must give us some time? we must fight back?

Anonymous said...

There is a strange mixture of "will" and "would" on the No. 10 webpage describing the CSF Bill. Almost as though they can't quite believe they will get it all passed before the GE.

And the English! I know mine's not good, but I haven't been recruited to draft Government documents. How about this "This would create a new learning culture in every school’s teaching staff which puts professional development at the forefront and so improve teaching quality across the board."?
Another demonstration, if it were needed, that the government should look to its own education and professional standards before it comes chasing after us.

Susanna said...

The Telegraph said 'force' us to register etc. At least we've all been inspired to write about it ;-)

Anonymous said...

From the page on the number 10 website you reference, have you spotted:

"Home Education - registration and monitoring proposals. An eighteen week consultation with stakeholders, 11 June 2009 to 19 October 2009. The Government hopes to publish a response by the end of November."

Anonymous said...

I like this blogpost
It has a perspective on our troubles from a little further away which I think could be valuable.

Anonymous said...

its on the house of commons website it does not make for very nice reading Home education: registration and monitoring it says we got to block this i dont like it at all! i wonder if tories and David Cameron will vote against it?

Jemmo said...

"I have confirmed with Michael Gove that the Conservatives will oppose compulsory registration of home educated children in the Bill."
- Graham Stuart MP (Tory) via Twitter.

Carlotta said...

Jemmo...apart from the fact that I have to negotiate Twitter again, that is the best news I've had all week.

Thank you.