Saturday, November 28, 2009

Further Update on Petition

There are yet more reports from people who have handed over their petitions to MPs in the past few days. Some have managed to get the press involved as well.

People with uncooperative Labour MPs are sending their petitions straight to Graham Stuart which should generate further media coverage.

We hear that

"Over 370 constituencies have coordinators, so it’s a massive project and even if only a third of the petitions are presented formally, it will dwarf any previous national petition (apparently 44 is the highest to date)."


Kate said...

If we hand in a petition does the MP 'have' to hand it over or could it get sidelined along the way if he was unhelpful/unsupportive?

Carlotta said...

Hi Kate,

As I understand it, the MP could refuse to present it. If this is the case, it is probably better to hand it to a neighbouring MP who is prepared to present it, or to send it directly to Graham Stuart at the Houses of Parliament.

Kelly said...
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Kelly said...

Try again. Too many mistakes in the last one. Perhaps people handing these over to their MPs could also make sure that the MP has received a copy of Right to Reply? Just a thought. Maybe what I read was mistaken but it appeared that the only list being kept could only verify that 31 MPs had received that great document (although I'm sure quite a few more have). Still, it won't hurt them to get more than one copy.

Anonymous said...

Kate and Kelly a complete waste of time these M.P's do not care about a petition the only thing they care about is they self! until you understand how corrupt they are your never understand! just think these M.P's will pay more for a bottle of wine than most people can afford for shoping bill! and you want to ask them for help? what do you think they spend on a bottle of wine? i bet it is 25 pound upwards? the nyou got dinner? how much on the tax payer? you pay they wages and they look at you as dirt!

Carlotta said...

Hi Anon,

Whether or not an MP really cares about a petition is immaterial really. Many have given commitments that they will do something about the issues involved.

The internet is a wonderful thing as far as democracy is concerned. We can hold those who do not keep their word to very public account, and that, by any set of standards, an MP should care about.

Anonymous said...

Carlotta What commitments have these M.P's give? A quick speach in the commons which means nothing! you find very few who are willing to vote against the party line? how many labour M.Ps wil vote agianst this bill? your be luckie to get 20. you need over 80 to have any effect! The best hope is that the bill runs out of time? but will it?