Monday, November 23, 2009

Children, Schools and Families Bill, Section 19H

19H Supply of information for purposes of home education functions

(1) Regulations may make provision for a person within subsection (2) to be required to supply to a local authority in England, for the purposes of the exercise of their home education functions, prescribed information about a child of compulsory school age—

(a) whose name has been deleted from the register maintained by the proprietor of a school in England under section 434 because the child is, or is to be, a home-educated child,

(b) in respect of whom an application has been made for registration on the authority’s home education register,

(c) registration of whose details on the home education register of another local authority has been refused or revoked, or

(d) in respect of whom a notice, or a school attendance order, has been served by a local authority in England under section 437.

(2) The persons within this subsection are—

(a) a local authority in England, and

(b) in relation to a child within paragraph (a) of subsection (1), the proprietor referred to in that paragraph.

(3) An authority’s “home education functions”, in subsection (1), means their functions under or by virtue of sections 19A to 19G.

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