Friday, December 18, 2009

Home Educators Are a Diverse Bunch

Ah good. I have so little time just now but life in some regards is getting easier as I can now just link to other bloggers. For example, Kelly here blows the myth that home educators bully each other into silence.

I do, however, just want to post an endorsement of Kelly's argument:

Whilst it is true that the majority of home educators do strongly oppose the Badman proposals and the tiny minority who see some merit in it, (though usually not much ) can sometimes fall silent when others are discussing it, it doesn't mean that they are forced to change their minds, or have been forced to change their consultation responses or their letters to their MPs, etc. Great friends disagree over some of the details, yet we remain the best of friends.

Generally speaking, home educators UNDERSTAND the power of non-coercion better than almost any other community I have ever met and it is wrong of the Select Committee to suggest otherwise.


Anonymous said...

I think it much more likely that the opposition to the Badman proposals has been seriously underestimated. I, and many others currently unknown to LAs and wanting to be sure to stay that way, were too cowardly to make our views known for fear we would be found somehow. It seems clear to me that those who want no contact with the LA also oppose compulsory registration and monitoring, but hey, that's just me using logic.

Anonymous said...

They are indeed, but the following sentence makes home educators appear threatening and something to be feared:

"On this matter we would note our unease at the reluctance of some to speak publicly on the Badman Report due to fear of harassment from sections of the home educating population."

I don't necessarily think the sentence means "other home-educators" but rather just "others" in general.

Maire said...

Fear of harassment from LAs perhaps, once again language is used that is as clear as mud and open to multiple interpretations. I for one understood it to mean other home educators and consider it to be a comment beneath the pale that could be used to disempower anyone.

Anonymous said...

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