Monday, December 21, 2009

Parents v. the State

Although this story from the Guardian describes a parent's struggle to achieve an appropriate school education for their child in the face of state bureaucracy, it is very reminiscent of the struggles that many home educating families experience when it comes to dealing with their local authorities.


Anonymous said...

its sums up how much our M.Ps government councils really think of us! as i said before they do not care about us and just wish we go away! the only time you see them is when election is on! that poor lady should have been help its a bloody outrage that this happened to her and many others! until we have a revoultion nothing will change for people who have little money!

Anonymous said...

Delyth Morgan, the children's minister, said: "...parents of children with SEN, who understand better than anyone the needs of their child." Unless, of course, they choose to home educate that SEN child.