Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kelly on Registration

Kelly Green and Gold explores the issue of registration further.

Despite my diatribe yesterday about how it could only result in trouble for UK home educators, I do think it is worth taking the more balanced view that Kelly achieves.


Anonymous said...

What a very sensible approach! We should continue in our efforts to 'educate' authorities to understand why they need to trust in the existing system for child abuse (or improve that) and why they should leave home educators alone.

It is a shock to read, though, the outsider's view that we have moved from one very good position in the UK to a very bad one for all parents in such a short time

(she comments: 'In the U.K., do you have a culture that supports and accepts parental rights with regard to the education of children? Until a few months ago, I would have said, from what I saw, that yes, you did. Now it appears that you do not. So, you have to ask yourself, would a simple registration system help you or hinder you?')

It is indeed true that the authorities have completely lost our trust. So Carlotta, I don't think your diatribe is incorrect for the UK either. I think trying to 'educate' and resisting registration is the only sensible option for us in the circumstances.


Fiona T said...

Well put anon.I agree.
It cannot be about anything other than control because there are so many sensible arguments against the govs intentions here.If those who provide an education through school send their children to a failing one, will they be penalized too? It is a nonsense. We are a group of people who want control over our own lives and freedom for our children's. They must reign us in before we grow beyond THEIR control.

Anonymous said...

its to late they can not reign us in the horse has bolted!