Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Mass Presentation of Petition Today!

The Mass presentation of the Public Petition, which calls upon the Government to withdraw the home education provisions from the CSF Bill, will take place today - Tuesday 8th December. MPs will be allowed a very brief personal comment before handing over.

Latest news is that 74 MPs will be presenting the petition from more than 120 constituencies and that this will smash the record for the number of petitions presented in one day - (previously 44 in March 2006). It means that more than 10% of Members of Parliament are involved.

Home educators have also had written confirmation of 257 constituencies covered by the Petition to Parliament i.e. at least one third of all MPs. Two thirds of these were where home educators had face to face meetings with MPs.

Home educators are tracking down what is happening with the remaining areas where we haven't had feedback for their database.

Please share this info freely to local lists etc.

Home Educators are also planning a short vigil outside the Houses of Parliament today, Tuesday evening, 18.00 - 19.30 hours.

We have permission to gather at the same place where the mass lobby was held: Old Palace Yard, opposite the House of Commons.

Feel free to bring banners, torches, lanterns, whistles, scary masks, bubbles, and probably umbrellas!

All welcome.


Firebird said...

Update from Twitter


More than 120 petitions will be presented tonight on Home Ed with 10% of MPs in chamber. Smashes record for petitions in 1 day.

Carlotta said...

Thanks Firebird...have now included the info.

Anonymous said...

petitions are a waste of time votes take place along party lines in house of commons the bell sounds and the sheep go off and vote!
The truth is those M.P/s Lords do not care about us you only have to look at the expenisives claims to see what our M.Ps think of us the tax payer. duck house was one moat cleaning not living in house but geting the money for it less than half hour travel to commons. and to think we pay they wages!

Anonymous said...

anon, you are probably right, but just being negative and full of gloom and doom, and - in fact - doing nothing!! - isn't an intelligent option either.

Anonymous said...

No we should overthrow our leaders/master thats what we should be doing! lets storm the house of commons i love to see that it all go up in smoke! with them M.Ps in it! now that would be doing something.
like those poll tax rioters that had them worried when people take to the streets they dont like it.its not petitions we want its direct action on the commons and the leaders!