Saturday, December 05, 2009

More on the Petition

..this time in the Sutton Guardian. (page 4), South West Devon and Amersham and Chesham,
and now from Stroud, Bexley, Chesterfield, Hexham, Lincoln and Daventry.


Anonymous said...

Ed Balls is still peddling the same big lie; in his response to Tom Brake MP, he refused to meet parents, saying:

'Although it is important to listen to parents' concerns, we have a balance to strike. We have a responsibility to the children as well, to make sure they are safe and that they are getting a proper education.'

How does he reconcile that with his failing system of education and the abuse that takes place with state sanction - child deaths 'in care', CRB-checked workers raping toddlers - a list of horror stories. Then, after all this, he wishes to allow all and sundry into the homes of children and the parents that are their best and final line of defence and who seek to protect and educate them.

Balls is trying to deny parents their right to protect their children and ensure their future success.

If this legislation comes into force, Mr Balls and his allies will be personally responsible for destroying the safety and sense of security of tens of thousands of home educated children.

Through his incompetence, arrogance and actions, Ed Balls is, himself, a child abuser on a grand scale. It's time that this message was propagated.

Carlotta said...

I agree, Anon. eg: those children withdrawn from school because of significant problems with it will live in fear from one LA meeting to the next, when their lives could otherwise have been put back together again.

Mr Balls appears to demonstrate a complete lack of appreciation for the importance of proportionality in law.