Saturday, December 19, 2009

Message from Graham Stuart

There will be a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Home Education with the Schools Minister, Diana Johnson, who will address the group and take questions.

Wednesday 6th January, 4- 5pm

Committee Room 10 of the House of Commons.

Make sure your MP is there!

The session is primarily aimed at MPs, MPs’ staff, and Peers, but everyone is welcome. The room has capacity for about 100.


Anonymous said...

What a waste of time that will be! Those M.Ps do not care about us or home education Diane Johnson will spin to them and they will in the main belive her! the nthey be off on they long long christmas break!

Anonymous said...

Will this be on Parl TV? I hope Diana Johnson gets hauled over the coals a bit.
I'm still working through the Select Committee report. It's quite a mixed bag it seems. I'm hopeful that as Badman and even Balls get some criticism in it that even the wash up wont take it on board.