Tuesday, December 01, 2009

More News of the Petition

From Lincolnshire. (We have it on good authority that Asha actually describes herself as home "educated").

And Ealing.


Anonymous said...

Just a word about the type of people that homeschoolers are dealing with and their methods of operation.

I have just read how Tony Blair ignored a letter, from Attorney general Lord Goldsmith, eight months before the Iraq war that the war would be in blatant breach of international law. Rather than accept that conclusion Blair bullied Goldsmith into backing down. He did this in a meeting with two of his most trusted aides; one of which was Baroness Sally Morgan. Morgan is described as Blair's chief fixer and at a meeting with Lord Goldsmith she and Lord Falconer apparently performed a pincer movement on Goldsmith and more or less pinned him to the wall and told him what Blair wanted. After the meeting, Lord Goldsmith issued his brief statement saying the war was legal.

Baroness Morgan has denied this version of events but what I am thinking is this the very same Baroness Morgan who claimed that homeschooling could be a cover for child abuse and sexual exploitation? If it is the same person, would not such a person who knowingly lied and bullied in order to help start a war in Iraq be ready to use the same methods in order to start a war against home schooling?

Carlotta said...

Will try to trace it back, Anon, though first thought, the Morgan who has been dealing with home educators has been Baronness Delyth.

In general though, I do realise that it will be nigh impossible to talk sense to government lackeys. Our better hope will be to find people, MPs, Lords who are prepared to listen to reason, do understand the benefits of not removing parental responsibilities from a generally responsible section of the population, do understand the damage that a poorly individualised state-determined education will do for our children.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree that has to be the best hope. Along with prayer!

I just suspect that we homeschoolers who just get on with our lives trying to educate our children are not quite used to the ugly reality of the 'modus operandi' of many politicians. I just hope there are still a few left who have sound principles,good sense and integrity and who still value the family and family freedom and are ready to fight for it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Carlotta, I was wrong in my original post. I have checked it out and there are two Baroness Morgans: Sally and Delyth. I should not tar Delyth with the same brush as Sally. Still there there not are some similarities between the two Baroness Morgans? ie. being prepared to wilfully misrepresenting the truth in order to present an unjust cause as just.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, just a small grammar correction to the previous post. Make that "Being ready to wilfully misrepresent the truth in order to present an unjust cause as just".

Anonymous said...

The Baroness Morgan at DCSF is Delyth Morgan. Incidentally, in September the Times ran this piece about her:

"THE government minister responsible for the parent vetting debacle has received more than £140,000 in expenses by saying a holiday cottage in west Wales is her main residence."

Full story here.