Friday, June 03, 2005

Favourite Blogs

Have given up on trawling through new blogs and getting hopelessly annoyed for no reason. Am returning to my regulars for the moment. For the record these are:
The most elegant blog ever. The logic is impeccable and it is written so sparely that the odd isolated metaphor leaps out and grabs you. Ideas are always taken that one step further. Indispensible and seriously life-enhancing.
Meaty. Nearly everything that one would ever need to know, plus intelligent commentary.
Admirably fulfills the contention that the more you know about something, and the greater the accuracy of that knowledge, the clearer you will write about it. These guys know their stuff and are comfortable with their knowledge, so they lay it out plain and simple.
Great fun. Dares to speculate on tomorrow's impact of today's discoveries.
I initially thought this one just a blog of the day, but find myself returning to it with much greater frequency than I at first imagined. It is as close to a personal diary as I am likely to tolerate, but it has the added advantage of a regular dose of good insights and often sensible perspectives. It is also entirely and refreshingly honest and down to earth. Plus, she is an autonomous educator who is familiar with the theories of libertarian parenting, or taking children seriously ( as it is sometimes designated. I also find the fact that she doesn't necessarily ascribe to libertarian values across the board actually quite provoking and constantly wonder how she manages to tally this in her own mind.


Anonymous said...

Most of these are favourites of mine too, but am pleased to find two I haven't discovered yet. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

try -he's moved again!

Carlotta said...

Oops..thanks, you're right. Will change this.