Monday, June 13, 2005

SpongeBob SquarePants

Unquenchable supply of SpongeBob jokes are still being directed my way, courtesy of Ds.
Here are three of them that I remember immediately:

Krusty Krab..(the manager of cafe) "Patrick, you're fired."
Patrick..."But I don't even work here!"
Krusty Krab "Well, you can start now."

The Flying Dutchman (pirate ghost, intimidatingly)..."Sponge Bob, you'd bet your life for a couple of bucks".
Sponge Bob: "I'd bet my life I wouldn't."

SpongeBob and Patrick are apparently caught in an avalanche.
Patrick, desperately, "SpongeBob, my legs are frozen solid. You must cut them off."
Sponge Bob "I can't DO that Patrick".
Patrick "Why not?"
Sponge Bob, "Because I've already cut my arms off."

Ds finds this all belly-laugh funny and extremely luckily, I also appreciate the fact that the jokes are sort of taut and attentive to language and there are also some really creative riffs on some the meme about what a child is meant to be able to do with a cardboard box. Having said all that, am very glad Ds does the filtering and I don't have to watch whole episodes.

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