Wednesday, June 15, 2005

That'll Teach 'em

Watson is in fine, perceptive and gut-wrenching form with this posting on a school trip to the beach, entitled "That'll Teach 'em".

I hope this blogger keeps it up as I believe that this type of expose (where is the acute accent in this format?), is vital for the health and well-being of children everywhere.

And the lesson I should also take away from this? It is this: don't even think of doing as these teachers did when it comes to waggling one's own children out at the end of HE meets. I managed it patiently at least twice today, but when children looked like pouring eagerly into third home of the day, without taking a breath from constant banter with friend, I did nearly strike a wall and do a "Withnail" "GET IN THE BACK OF THE CAR"...type thing. I didn't though, and we got home at 22.00 hours, still yabbering, still happy. This was infinitely preferable but good grief, where is this energy coming from?

Actually, I think I know. I think that this energy is completely normal and just what is available to any human being when they are not having to spend most of their resources on dealing with coercive environments.

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