Wednesday, June 22, 2005


A HUGE thank you is owed to Dh...THANK YOU for everything. He has completely taken over for last 5 days or so, dropping all other commitments, looking after children, cooking tapas for supper, providing superb massages, putting finishing touches to the half-pipe and generally doing the works!!! This is not just so that he can make me feel guilty about not partying it up on Father's Day last, but because I have been rendered almost totally rigid as a result of what looks like viral arthritis. This has affected every limb in my body apart from the elbows, which I can wave around with gay abandon should anyone so desire...

There are definite perks to all this. I can get myself almost comfy with laptop, the largest possible dose of Diclofenic and a large cushion, and am working on ways of perpetuating this situation, but just without the excruciating pain.

Children are also keeping me entertained. Dd (only just learning her letters), turned up just now with twinkle in her eye and a bit of paper, saying the Ds had written a dirty word on it, which of course was MUD. Am still though, not quite sure who the joke was actually on!

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