Friday, June 24, 2005

Taking Children Seriously

For more information on the theories of Taking Children Seriously
I would, in addition to the website, recommend Jan Fortune-Woods book: Winning Parent, Winning Child: Parenting So Everybody Wins

The theories of consent based parenting as delineated on the Taking Children Seriously website and in Jan's books, can at first appear quite extraordinary, even positively ridiculous! But the closer one looks at them and the more one tries to find fault with them, the more one realises just how good the theories really are and just how well they do withstand serious criticism. What is more, when really put into practice, the theories work.


Jan Fortune-Wood said...

Hi Carlotta - Thanks for the mention - people can also get Winning Parent, Winning Child direct from the publisher (p & p free) and there is a facility for purchase in other currencies, plus an outline of the book - take a look at
Regards - Jan

Carlotta said...

Hi Jan,

Looks as if is by far the easiest way to go. Will divert the book link on the page to this site.