Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Finally Something Eco-Aware (but yet Free Market)

Could this possibly be as good as it seems?

British Gas has signed a deal with a company called Windsave to install and supply 5 foot wind turbines on people's roofs in a pilot project in Scotland and the South West. These turbines are expected to deliver about a kilowatt of electricity which is enough to power a TV and DVD, plus computer, fridge and freezer and several lights. If successful, the project is expected to go nationwide. This could cut electricity bills by about a third! (Can we have three please?)

This kind of thing has previously, according to my eco-aware friends, not been possible not because of a lack of technology, but because of restrictive regulations, which effectively prevent anyone from generating their own electricity. S'pose had better get eco-friends to read the fine print before we get too excited about this.

Also amusing and probably rather telling that it is British *Gas* who made this all possible.

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