Friday, June 03, 2005


Oh gawd...cannot resist getting all fluffy again. I am just so excited. There are days and days, and I genuinely think that we did have had a rough beginning to the year. Children were ill, I was ill, everyone tired and easily tetchy...but there are whole days now and nearly whole weeks where the children just seem to be thriving, and in some newly challenging situations too. On top of that I keep falling in love with the people all around me.

According to, this is probably just my oxytocin levels (am still feeding toddler), but to me it is simply a matter of watching one's kids having the most memorably brilliant times in the company of some seriously wonderful kids who are the progeny of some seriously wonderful adults.

Btw, we missed you yesterday, those of you who had sodded off to the Extreme Sport thingie or who were actually working. The pottery class was hilarious...the 3 year olds stood together tinily, dutifully making the amphorae (?pl) precisely according to instruction - which seriously shocked the administrator; Ds, white-lipped but determined, took the teacher entirely at his word and totally out of the blue produced this thing that you could have sold to any self-respecting Roman Senator. The kids then ran for hours in the amphitheatre, performing the most daring physical tricks that put the Brownie pack to shame, frankly. Home educated kids never look that sedentary or restricted. Then we went back to stunning new home of one of the dearly beloved, which turns out to be the best for tag and chilling....though you do need a half-pipe!

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