Sunday, June 12, 2005

A Wonderful Blog

There are at least two IMMENSELY gratifying things about this blog:

Firstly, it is written by someone I have just met, which means that it is triply fascinating and am off to read all the archives.

Secondly her most recent post is just so complimentary about our group. This may not seem altogether surprising, given that this eminently sensible person intends to home educate, but in fact the compliments came from an acquaintance of hers who knows little about HE.

Watson, I hope you have a moment to go and read this. Made my heart leap at the rightness of it all.

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watson said...

Good to hear that ours were so lovely, but so sad that the expectation was that they would be 'typical intimidating teenagers' makes me want to weep. I've NEVER met intimidating teenagers in my life and I've been around a bit as you know :o(( I hope C will come to realise that we don't have seperate groups for seperate ages because we know the benefits of preserving the natural whole family social set up - indeed I think it is crucial to social and emotional development that our teenagers and toddlers are mates - and we must be doing something right after all ;o))