Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Home Education Rules!

It's all true what they say about Home Education promoting play between children of different ages and genders. That's now thrice in three days. eg: yesterday, after superb time in outdoor pool, then play ground, (all mixed age play), followed by a quick dash to Tescos for all those whose trousers had got wet, then on to Leisure Centre trampolines, we went back to HE home for tea and drum kits, where the three year old girls were to be found sharing a toy chest with ten year old boy, who had spurned the excellent game of footie outside, to play shops with all the littlies.

Were it not for the fact that one child got his new trousers caught in another mum's car door and could be seen belting down Tesco's car park, trying to keep up with the departing car, we would actually think we had been doing a reasonably good job.


watson said...

That mum should be ashamed of herself! (and it wasn't Tesco's carpark it was rush hour on the main road past the sport's centre!)

Carlotta said...

Ahhhh...that may account for a slightly unusual conversation that I had with a person outside the Centre, who asked me who on earth we all were. He seemed to be under the impression we were some sort of circus troupe or freak show.