Thursday, July 28, 2005

And Another Reason to Home Educate

I suppose it is actually more constructive to set out the reasons to home educate with positive expressions of how wonderful HE is...(since it really is that great), but when you're handed anti-school stories like this, well honestly, who could resist!

School class sizes are set to rocket to 60, despite Labour's election promise to keep the numbers down. All the while, please note, this very same government is claiming to be promoting personalised learning! (Classic Third Way Labour doublespeak, ie: gibberish!)

After reading this, if your kids are still in school, and are not enjoying it, think about HEing, and about how the personalised learning that is actually possible at home will help them to thrive. Then, if you live in the UK, visit the Education Otherwise Website for a sample of a deregistration letter which you could send to the Head over the summer hols.

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