Tuesday, July 19, 2005


This isn't really bloggable material as I see it, but it is about the only thing that has been really occupying me for the last week, and am just going to get it off my chest, so to speak.

Little one has had to be weaned very, very suddenly as I have to go in for a medical procedure which will probably prove that I am entirely healthy. This is all quite annoying and have taken to feeling quite peculiar. Little one, meanwhile, is just fine and puts me in the position of feeling far less emotionally mature than a three year old.

Will speak to consultant just one more time about this...but I think he has made his thinking plain...Bother, bother, bother.

Incidentally, to anyone else who is thinking of weaning rather suddenly out there, (G, S, and J?), I would just say that several things have taken me very much by surprise but which, on talking to quite a few others out there are apparently fairly normal: the ease with which child could understand what was going on, the ease with which she did it, my completely weird, unpredictable and husband-upsetting tearfulness, the desperate missing of the child, feelings of having abandoned child, and a strange all-overish sort of sensation; but also a new sense of identity for both myself and child, of child establishing themselves independently in the world, of my ability to get dressed in the morning without having to think about how I am going to be able to whip my tits out...all that sort of stuff, which I haven't experienced now for nearly eight, EIGHT years, and most of all, of loving child so much...Weep, blub....urrrrrgh...

Am off to play footie first, I think. Then scout hut...then Dorset...


June said...

Just noticed this, you were down here in my neck of the woods then?

Carlotta said...

I think we must have been at least fairly close, though am not exactly sure where you are.

We stay just north of Bridport and it's SOOO lovely. Kids have a great time, and not so bad for the grown ups either.

Must be a good place to HE.