Friday, July 29, 2005

Moral Confusion and Suicide Bombing

As usual, Norm is spot on with his article about moral clarity and suicide bombing. The more this type of message gets out and hits the spot, the better because the slippage of ideas that permeates the thinking of the self-loathing British left may well permit a moral confusion in other quarters from which may emanate some truly terrible consequences.

By slippage of ideas, I mean to say that it a very, very short step from (erroneously) saying that the Palestinians have no other choice than to kill Israeli children in pizzarias, to saying that suicide bombing is morally permissable and this type of currently widespread confusion is probably why so many of the London bombers' mothers and friends were unable to foresee that some in their midst were about to take the false logic of all this just one short but devastating step further.

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