Sunday, July 24, 2005

More Power and More Publicity to These People

Iraqis Stand Against Terrorism.

A report from an Iraqi newspaper, paraphrased by Power Line.

The translator reports: "Tens of thousands of Iraqis stood silent for three minutes in over 130 Fahrenheit heat to commemorate victims of terror and in a sign of unified defiance of terrorism and I have not seen a single report on this. I waited all day Wednesday and all day today and nothing. The news reported the small anti-America demonstration by Alsadar and some Baathists in April but somehow missed the whole Iraqi nation standing still in defiance of terrorism."

OK so perhaps these Iraqi anti-terrorism demonstrators would have got more instantaneous publicity if they had strapped a load of nail polish remover mix to their bellies, but instead they were actually doing the right thing, and if they keep doing it, the rightness of their actions has a good chance of eventually sinking in, because of course, terrorists have a problem - people very, very rapidly get very, very fed up with them.

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