Saturday, July 02, 2005

Health and Safety Regulations are Bad for You

One of the things that is truly appealing about The Speccie is that someone in every issue, is bound to sound off about the nanny state. This is mercifully hugely cathartic and praise is due to all those journalists out there who sacrifice their own health and sanity in dealing with the horrible issue of Health and Safety.

This week it was the turn of Max Hastings to experience the full unpleasantness of his own boiling blood pressure:

"The Health and Safety Executive, one of the most pernicious bodies in Britain, is getting its claws into the countryside. For their own legal protection, shoot bosses now feel obliged to recite to guns at the start of a day a catechism of the obvious. This includes injunctions to sit down when travelling on trailers, and to unload guns between drives."

He goes on with an epigram that I may make my motto:

"Everything in life is about proportionality. Health and Safety lacks this,"

Sadly, and rightly, he also goes on to say "yet no one seems able to check its march to despotism."

Yup...It does often seem this way from here but am NOT prepared to accept defeat.

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