Sunday, July 17, 2005

And a Stunning Day

Another stunning day in what turns out to be a rather stunning British summer: long, long hours of sunshine and children playing for hours in the garden, with no threat whatsoever of them falling in the pool since this is still only half dug.

Dh decided to save both cash and his waistline by digging the area for the new pool without the aid of a ditch digger. His plan seems to be working: he announced this morning that he had lost a stone in weight after only a few days of doing this.

Since this announcement, I have been throwing myself into this digging business, but I'm now wondering about the results of all this for me . The bramble bushes were very problematic, and I have a sort of heady sensation that is perhaps sunstroke, and if I'm seeing correctly, I appear to have put on weight, which is quite likely as muscle weighs more than fat, though I may well have just eaten everyone else's suppers as well as my own. Dh does seem to be doing some more cooking right now and the children are complaining to him about something. I've been given a glass of water and told to go to bed, which seems a little heavy handed, if you ask me.

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