Saturday, July 23, 2005

Freedoms Eroded

Security measures in the London Underground are becoming so stringent and so sensitive to unusual behaviour, that Home Educated kids, with their slightly different take on life, are being caught up in the action. A fifteen year old Home Educated boy was taken into custody yesterday after he decided to take it easy, miss the first available train and take the next one on the Northern Line. This fairly innocuous decision was all he needed to do to arouse suspicion and to cause him to be stopped and searched. Unfortunately he had also purchased an antique sabre of the kind of which he has a large collection which he had hidden away at the bottom of a bag, tightly wrapped in stuff so as not to get into trouble. This combination of factors temporarily cost him his freedom, caused him to have his fingerprints taken, to have his DNA put permanently on file, to be treated very roughly and disrespectfully by the police, his records kept forever and his parents and friends to go wild with anxiety when he failed to turn up for his script writing meeting.

So we now have another level of danger from the state to which innocent children and their families are subjected. Not only do we have to look out for truancy patrols, make sure our kids are home before a curfew comes into effect, or generally observe some hidden rules of behaviour which will mean that we do not become subject to an Antisocial Behaviour Order. we now have to get them to try to ensure that they behave so utterly normally that they will never risk being duffed up by the police.

The terrorists are beginning to win. We are losing the basis for a free and open society. For more on the issue of how serious this matter already is and may become, visit: Sick Man in Europe at the Gates of Vienna.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Carlotta,

Fast work! I suppose it is good that they are being vigilant on the underground, but even if they have more proof (and they would have required quite a lot more evidence to be able to have genuine suspicions in this instance!) before they know that the minor they suspect is guilty they should at least treat him/her decently.

As you suggest, if the police are permitted to behave in a fashion that terrorises then we have a terrorist society whoever *wins*.

Carlotta said...

I think you've nailed this, autonomous.

Carlotta said...

Whoops...Freudian slip...that should have been anonymous! What I also meant to say, (lesson in don't multitask whilst blogging), was: whilst we should hold the police to the highest standards of behaviour and practice in all this, and take them to task when they fail, we should also be clear as to who is really responsible for this whole horrible situation, ie: a few completely muddle headed criminals.