Friday, July 08, 2005

London Blasts and What Next?

The explosions in London brought the road system to a halt in places as far away as the roads into Cardiff, when everyone slowed down to try to phone their loved ones. We couldn't move in the traffic for about two hours, and I couldn't make sure that the family were OK since the mobile phone networks were taken down. Despite the fact that I kept telling myself that it was very unlikely that anything had happened to family and friends, I couldn't help but gradually feel those adrenaline levels rising. The relief when we finally got through and everyone had reported back safe and well, it was unforgettable.

We turned round at the next available junction since we had missed our science lectures at the Cardiff University Student's Union, and had heard that Cathay's Station which is more or less opposite the Union had been closed causing further traffic headaches, so we headed for home to find messages on answerphones reporting everyone else we know safe and well. Thank goodness. Some of them had been near the scenes of the incidents and had heard the bangs, though none, thankfully, had actually seen the incidents.

The best that we can hope for now? That this concentrates the minds somewhat upon the issue of what to do with Iran.


Becky said...


It was my first thought when I awoke to the CBC radio news yesterday morning. I do hope all is well with your family and friends. Aside from having an English grandfather and a father who went to Oxford, I've spent many, many happy times in the UK, mostly in and around London.

You're right about concentrating those minds. One can hope.

(By the way, I was notified about your message by my email though it didn't seem to turn up in the blog's comment section. I'm not quite sure why, though, and think that figuring it out might be beyond my Luddite abilities)

Carlotta said...


Thanks for your thoughts.

Must make it to Canada sometime soon.

Becky said...

And when you come, let me know, so I can entice you to this part of the country for a visit at the farm. Aside from the rednecks, it's quite lovely!