Sunday, January 08, 2006

Atheists Ready to Believe Anything?

Madeleine Bunting has written a piece entitled: "No wonder atheists are angry: they seem ready to believe anything. Richard Dawkins's latest attack on religion is an intellectually lazy polemic not worthy of a great scientist. "

The nature of a recurrent flaw in the ensuing argument is all there in the title! It's a relief to see that Norm, as reasonably as ever, sorts it all out...but I still can't resist the cheap riposte, "Dear Madeleine, I don't believe your first assertion."

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Carlotta said...

Someone mentioned this am, that they had no idea what I was on about here! (Oh, alright it was Dh - he had only just woken up...) but just in case it really is incomprehensible, the flaw is that Maddy applies a much higher standard of criticism to Dawkins's assertions than she does her own...

(Dh has now completely lost interest, but anyway...)