Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Voucher Issue et al.

For any UK readers who haven't yet caught this one: from a US Republican site, an article about home schooling that is generally spot on, with Daryl picking up on the only points of contention, namely the issue of education vouchers and the probable effects of these upon home education.

It seems that the voucher proposals in the US raise pretty similar issues to those we have here, ie: vouchers would probably only be used for schools, (which would marginalise home education all the more), and if they were permitted to be used for HE, they would doubtless come with strings attached.


Leo said...

Vouchers would probably allow more people to home-educate, but would also give the governments a justification to control it more. The rich will get away with it better, as they can pay for more educational activities than the vouchers will probably allow (and I say this from reading reports that the LEA accepted in an old EO newsletter). So in the end, it would be as always was. Kids from richer families would still be better off.

Carlotta said...

Perhaps the Paula Rothermel research which showed that income strapped families actually often did better in terms of academic results than their more wealthy peers...perhaps this will help dispel LEA prejudice.

Leo said...
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Leo said...

I have found the research and I will check it, thanks. In Portugal it's not like that at all.

Leo said...

Hmmm... 36 families does not sound very significant for a comparative research, or am I missing the research you meant? *confused*

Anonymous said...

This link discusses more comprehensive research: