Saturday, January 28, 2006

Recycling Paper

A quick canvass at the two home education meetings we've attended in the last two days produces the information that almost everyone whose child is about to reach school age has received forms telling them that they must state their choices of state school or otherwise inform the authorities about how they intend to educate their child. The system appears to be getting much more systematic, since many families did not receive such forms for their older children.

Most of us have just recycled the paper and have done nothing more about it, the reasoning being that the authorities will now catch up with us anyway and we may as well slow up the process as much as we can. Thanks are due to those on the UKHE list for their encouragement in taking this line of action. I might have lost my nerve worrying about whether this course of action will prejudice them against us when they eventually come knocking at the door. It just might do exactly this, but on the other hand, I would have hated myself had I just rolled over and offered up the information.


Anonymous said...

Probably a good decision, but do I detect a twinge of conscience?! Admit it - at the back of your mind you're worried that the slowing up process will compromise the safety of abused children! Jx

Carlotta said...

Tee Heee....Just wonder how you came to be wondering! And wonder also how that comment slipped through!!! Isn't there some rule about insider dealing?

But of course, you're right I was thinking about this point. But now you've made me think about it again, I don't think it will in any way compromise children at risk, because the authorities will come checking come what may, whether or not I ticked the box.