Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Schools Fail as Places of Social Engineering

If the last four paragraphs of this Guardian article don't substantially prove the point of the contention in the first part of the article, I am not sure what could! I mean to say the first bit contains the assertions that employers feel that schools don't prepare pupils for the world of work and that at least 71% of employers would take on those who have useful work experience rather than good exam results, and in the second bit you get ministers (presumably all schooled as far as we are aware), responding to the survey by claiming that :

"We have got the best primary school, GCSE and A-level results ever."

Ho hum. Not that home education is about the sort of social engineering that aims to slot people into the prescribed jobs, since it works the other way about round here. How it works is that HEKs are out there, finding out about genuine problems, and discovering for themselves which ones they are genuinely interested in solving.

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