Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Lost Comments

Errgh. Bother. Just a note to say that I lost a few comments: Ron, David and Anon, when trying to moderate. I didn't intend to delete yours and please do comment again. I am new to this process and may have pressed the wrong button, or it may have been the system that let me down, I don't know!


Carlotta said...

Ah...well, Ron and David's comments have eventually popped up, but Anon still seems to be somewhere out in the ether!

Carlotta said...

And now, even Anon has returned. OK, am back on top of things again.

Ron R said...

I went to repost the comment and saw that the last one I left was there.

On seeing this post, I had something funny in mind to say, and feel out of joint 'cause I don't get to say it now ;) (Oh, on second thought, I guess I got to make a joke anyway.)

We've got moderation turned on and certainly don't mind anyone else doing it.